Case Study

This brand owner preferred to stay anonymous as to not to give away her ‘secret sauce’. We cannot disclose any exact numbers of the name of the brand. This is a brand of melatonin gummies, that has experienced rapid success on Amazon.com since partnering with us for their product launch and after. This case study details the various strategies and tactics implemented during the collaboration, and how they contributed to the brand’s impressive sales growth from 0 to 9,000 units per month within just nine months. This comprehensive analysis will delve into the product optimization process, storefront creation, advertising campaigns, and other crucial aspects that contributed to the brand’s impressive rise.


Understanding the growing demand for these products in a fast-paced world, the company approached us with an ambition to launch their brand on Amazon.com with an array of six products.

The biggest challenge we saw is that the niche was dominated by a few major players such as ‘OLLY’. These brands had years of built-up credibility that our partner just did not have. Since manufacturing happened on a smaller scale, our partner could not afford to match the average price point of the top competitors. So out of the gate, we’re starting out with two handicaps.

THE goal

The main goal was to capture 7% of the ‘melatonin gummies’ market share in 9 months or less.

We would achieve this goal by doing the following steps successfully:

  1. To successfully launch the Melatonin Gummies on Amazon.com.
  2. To create compelling, optimized product pages for each of the six products.
  3. To develop an engaging and effective storefront that reflects the brand identity and values.
  4. To implement a well-targeted and cost-effective advertising campaign to drive sales growth.

About the brand

Health and wellness brand focusing on providing high-quality, natural melatonin gummies that help promote sleep and relaxation.



Product Optimization

Before launching the products on Amazon.com, our team conducted thorough market research and competitive analysis to understand customer needs, preferences, and buying behavior. Based on our findings, we suggested improvements to the product packaging, design, and formulation to ensure the brand stood out from the competition.

Product Pages

To create highly optimized product pages, we focused on the following aspects:

Storefront Creation

Our creative team worked closely with the brand to develop an engaging and professional storefront that reflected the brand identity, values, and target audience. The storefront included:


  1. Branded Header: We created a branded header that showcased the brand logo and tagline, fostering brand recognition and consistency.

  2. Product Showcases: We strategically placed product showcases that featured key product offerings, making it easy for customers to navigate and explore the product range.

  3. Lifestyle & Benefit Imagery: We incorporated lifestyle and benefit-focused imagery that communicated the product value proposition and targeted customer pain points, such as difficulty sleeping or trouble staying asleep.

  4. Brand Story Section: We dedicated a section of the storefront to sharing the brand story, emphasizing the company’s commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

  5. Testimonials & Reviews: We highlighted customer testimonials and reviews to provide social proof, building trust among potential buyers.

Additionally, we enrolled the brand into North-American Remote Fulfilment. This is an Amazon program that allows brand owners to offer the products on the Canadian and Mexican catalog. Doing this, we managed to scoop up an extra 4% of sales.

Advertising Campaigns

To drive sales growth, we implemented a combination of advertising campaigns, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Our advertising approach involved the following:


  1. Keyword Research: We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-converting, low-competition keywords relevant to RestEasy’s target audience.

  2. Targeting Strategy: We employed a mix of automatic and manual targeting to reach a wider audience and continually refined our targeting based on performance data.

  3. Ad Creative: We developed eye-catching ad creatives that highlighted product benefits and featured compelling calls-to-action to increase click-through rates (CTR).

  4. Budget Optimization: We strategically allocated budgets to ensure maximum visibility and return on investment (ROI), continually monitoring and adjusting bids and budget allocation based on performance metrics.

  5. Regular Monitoring & Reporting: Our team consistently monitored campaign performance and provided detailed reports to RestEasy, identifying areas

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