Case Study


The spice market is dominated by big brands, like McCormick, selling spices for cheap. Gaining even just a fraction of the market is hard. Nonetheless, we decided to take the challenge and collaborate with Collected Foods.

THE goal

Increasing revenue while lowering Acos. As a secondary objective, optimizing the catalog to reflect the new brand.

About the brand

Collected Foods is a boutique spice brand owned by two passionate American chefs that curate the spices themselves.


Gourmet & Groceries

‘The battle is won before it’s fought.’

When you want to succeed with paid ads, you need to make sure that you’re converting at the highest level possible to minimize clicks that don’t convert. This is even more the case within a low ticket market like the spice market. 


With that in mind, we decided to optimize the catalog first. 

The first thing we did was research, lots of it. As we always do when creating assets, we assess all reviews of competing product, analyze forums such as reddit and speak to the client to get clear understanding of what the end consumer values, likes and dislikes. We then craft a mockup detail page that shows the messaging. Only after the messaging is approved by the client, we create the final assets. 


Collected Foods was already going through a rebranding with beautiful new packaging. The product pages needed to show off the same beautiful, colorful and joyful appearance that the packaging did. We came up with a few concepts, and after the approval of the client, we created new visual assets for every product.


Conversion rate went up on all products. Some products doubled in conversion.

Imperial Feet grows from a national market leader to a global cosmetics powerhouse


Collected Foods almost doubles conversion after GoodSellas listing makeover


Madd Tools gets GoodSellas advertising and branding makeover and reduces ACOS by